How many minutes work for a “Big Mac”

How many minutes work for a “Big Mac”

So you’re not a tourist – you live here? Lucky you. Munich is probably THE most beautiful city in the world.

Let’s talk about finances now. And let’s assume the global currency should be a hamburger of a certain globally active food company. In Munich, you’d have to work 15 minutes to earn such a hamburger.

“Eat – or pay the rent?”, I overheard a conversation of two young women standing in the lunch-time sun (no, not outside McDonalds) discussing finances. Widespread phenomenon? In Germany’s larger cities the income usually is equally high. Having said that, do hairdressers, teachers, bus-drivers heavy earners? Not really. We require their services but the housing situation in Munich is driving them out of town.

Perhaps rather be a tourist again?

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