Let the Bloggin’ begin #Nikolausi …!

Just in time for Saint Nicholas (kids loooove 6th December in Germany – plenty of sweets and merry making) – and thanks to code64 Munich I have my weblog dusted. For you this means the latest news from lovely Munich.


Sound of Munich – Guided City Tours are now running (at least) once a week. Aspects during the past weeks included

- “Vier auf einen Streich”

- “Olympia, damals und heute”

- “Walk Your English” etc as displayed on https://www.facebook.com/pages/Guidedcitytours-Soundofmunich/124893004240287?id=124893004240287&sk=events


Watch this space for the latest tours …

red, munich, citytours, nicholas, walk, december, christmasMarkets

red, munich, citytours, nicholas, walk, december, christmasMarkets, allianz, football,


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