Oktoberfest 2016 Special Ride incl. Coffee!

It is your first time to visit Oktoberfest (here our FAQs in German)?

You are a regular?

In 2016 you will give “Wiesn”, as locals call it, a miss?

Whatever the reason for you to visit Bavaria’s capital, our Oktoberfest 2016 special ride incl. coffee might be just for you!


Oktoberfest – and its beer

There is music, sweet music, beer tents, Bavarian cuisine such as roast chicken, knuckles of port with “Knoedel” (dumplings), roast fish, spiced almonds and any merriment your heart may desire. However, what you will ONLY find at Kurt-Haertel-Passage near S-Bahn station “Hackerbruecke”, is NEW: ride the FREECROSS five minutes for six EURO. And it doesn’t end there …


Oktoberfest special ride freecross

No one knows better than us that moving in the fresh air makes you hungry and thirsty: why not enjoy Bavarian delicatessen at Pschorr-Krug - the obligatory espresso will be FREE of charge (provide staff at Pschorr-Krug with our voucher and they will understand)!

Our offer starts Monday, 19th Sept right through until 3rd October 2016, 11 am until 15 pm – rentals for the day / half day available!


See you there!


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