ISPO 2018

ISPO is here at last!

2018 has on offer an adorable programme of public area programmes – right in the MIDDLE of town: not only can you now go on one of the great discovery tours on historical bikes but even get proactive within the Munich “Week of Sports”. Be it Headis-tournament (table-tennis), Night Run or even bicycle repair workshops – you name it! Details on ISPO.

Focus on women

Munich – steeped in cultural hotspots as well as international culinary delights is known for radiating that certain lust for life: occupying the top spots in studies and surveys for its abundant leisure and recreational activities within close proximity such as climbing at “Thalkirchen”, girls surf workout in the “English Garden”, skiing in the nearby Alps. Locals and tourists alike find what they are looking for in the Metropolitan Region of Munich: Munich doesn’t simply rely on its fortunate geographical position but also purposefully promotes enthusiasm for the outdoors such as encouraging artists like Lore Galitz and friends at SUEDPART.


The greater city council fosters outdoor sports festival such as M-net with 50,000 visitors in 2017 for the second consecutive year. Gardens, parks but not least the Isar river are inviting the local population to stroll, “lustwandeln”, walk – or take the FREECROSS (for test run incl. city tour with experienced tour guide contact us)!


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