This Christmas – in Munich

- unbezahlte Werbung -

Unlike Last Christmas which happened to be rather hectic, this year I’ve decided to “shut down the system” early: gently but nonetheless relentlessly! Shut down the system completely and NOT let you participate in the most tranquil, peaceful Munich spots at that time of year? NO – here we go: my three hideaways to relax and FEEL all those peaceful moments:


Königsplatz plus NS Dokuzentrum











1. Königsplatz

Red Poppies in Germany? This is new – in particular, in case Red Poppies are large and their stems are drilled 45 cm into the ground of Königsplatz. Before going ahead, the artist made sure to gather support from Munichs civil society: sponsors as well as help with installing the flowers. Also keeping good relations with the local “Bezirksausschuss” https://www.niemalswieder.com/?fbclid=IwAR1RTRDPO6F_Y6PfH_xe5_qDoDzFJpfF5QSrFQgPlF8NJDiUwbuoO7xMgvk

Up until 2nd December you can enjoy this public outdoors art exhibition, free entrance.


2. Love, peace and happiness? Go straight to Bäckerei Neulinger enjoying “Brot am Haken” https://www.startnext.com/einfach-freude-schenken


Christmas – family & friends!









3. Good Food!

In case family and friends do NOT make you happy this year why not elope to your next friendly Vietnamese restaurant huge, golden Buddha statue included. Did you know: big ear lobes = generosity!



Sound of Munich and Citymayors!









This blogpost was conceived in smart cooperation with the Magic Bloghouse Talking of which: do not miss out on Light Bulb Talk with charming Daniela Heggmaier this winter WATCH THIS SPACE


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