Oktoberfest: Süddeutsche Zeitung und Münchner Merkur

Das Magazin “Emotion” (Gute Fragen an GUTE Frauen)

Unterwegs in München mit Anne Fischer, Landschaftsarchitektin und dem FREECROSS

Urban Sports Club test it, Baby!

BR – Bayrischer Rundfunk und Abendzeitung und natürlich gizmag


Beitrag in “Die Ingenieurin”, Ausgabe Nr. 105, Seite 62

“… Its been a long time since we have departed Munich but we just can’t get you and your Sound of Munich – Guided City Tours staff Out of our minds. I have to say without your company at our side we never would have been able to see And learn as much as we did. Since cruising is so demanding as far as a time schedule goes your staff gave us the opportunity To make the most of every moment without feeling rushed or pressured!!! My son Dominick still speaks of how much he Learned from your tour. You were our own personal HISTORY guide and it was greatly appreciated!!! We are definitely coming back to Munich This summer and will enjoy ever minute of your services!!! Our many Thanks to you for a fantastic JOB!! Please send our great appreciation To our FREECROSS guide in Englischer Garten as we will visit her again this summer as well. Can’t wait to see you !!! Ciao for Now, Dominick, Tracie, Samantha and Nicolette …”

Annie K.: “… vielen Dank nochmal für die interessante, anregende Führung. Hoffentlich bald wieder einmal solch eine Führung im FTZ …” 

Thomas W.: ” … I just love “Fit-Seeing” with Sound of Munich …”

Caro S.: ” … we had such a wonderful time in Munich with our favourite tour guide from Sound of Munich…”


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