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Vorfreude (ist die schönste Freude)!

Oh, my #Valentines …

Valentines – was ist das? Bei uns “Valentinstag” – Blumen, Schoki, Ausflüge, you name it. Hauptsache, der Lieblingsmensch wird “gebauchpinselt”. Bauchpinseln, was ist das? Wir jedenfalls bauchpinseln EUCH. Und zwar schon am 13.02.2021, also einen Tag VOR dem großen Tag.


Valentines – don’t we ALL need a little good cheer …?

WAS: Kleine München-Tour. Ihr könnt auch Corona-bedingt online teilnehmen. Link folgt nach. Leider keine virtuelle Verkostung möglich, Schade …


It’s in the papers!

WIE: kostenfrei


Drinks are on ME.

WO: Mariensäule Treffpunkt

Gleich bei der Frauenkirche

Gleich bei der Frauenkirche

WANN: 13. Februar 2021 – 10 Uhr Start. Sollte das zu früh für Euch sein, einfach durchrufen Tel Nr (+49) 0 1577 27 27 900 und ich gebe den derzeitigen Standpunkt zwischen Marienplatz und Museumsinsel durch.


It’s #Valentines time <3

Noch Fragen?

Be my little Valentines ...

Be my little Valentines …

Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

Vorfreude (ist die schönste Freude)!

Vorfreude (ist die schönste Freude)!


Landart Munich?

Ever wondered whether there may be any landart in Munich?

Well, search no longer. There is. There probably wouldn’t have been any without storm “Niklas” 2015. It was then that some Munich residents around instigator Lore Galitz decided to knuckle down to work with and for nature. 


land art and bark beetles

As both local and international press Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Muenchner Merkur, Hallo Muenchen or Sendlinger Anzeiger reported, this is a highly fugacious, creative yet sustainable piece of work.


“Ringe”, Sept 2016

Feeling sad about the destruction, being able to see the good in change, fearing climate changes: one could NOT notice the changing looks of “Sendlinger Wald”. With its 60 ha (Westpark has 70 ha) it is popular with dog owners, athletes, fresh air enthusiasts. And Land artists.


“der Stier” Apr 2016


“der Stier” Sept 2016

In case you visit Munich for Oktoberfest make sure you see this very interesting piece of work. And do NOT miss “Kunst in Sendling” – one of the oldest parts of Bavaria’s capital then opens its doors to present work of local artists. “Suedpart” will contribute to this exciting arts event by putting on yet another guided tour on

8th October 2016, 2pm and

16th October 2016, 2pm


“Schatzsuche” (in the dark), Sept 2016

We look forward to seeing you!


“passage”, Sept 2016

How many minutes work for a “Big Mac”

How many minutes work for a “Big Mac”

So you’re not a tourist – you live here? Lucky you. Munich is probably THE most beautiful city in the world.

Let’s talk about finances now. And let’s assume the global currency should be a hamburger of a certain globally active food company. In Munich, you’d have to work 15 minutes to earn such a hamburger.

“Eat – or pay the rent?”, I overheard a conversation of two young women standing in the lunch-time sun (no, not outside McDonalds) discussing finances. Widespread phenomenon? In Germany’s larger cities the income usually is equally high. Having said that, do hairdressers, teachers, bus-drivers heavy earners? Not really. We require their services but the housing situation in Munich is driving them out of town.

Perhaps rather be a tourist again?

Dear Mr. President I | Malerei


Today I’d like to introduce to you a very talented Munich lady indeed. I met her when life for me was not exactly on the sunny side. Ariane, too has known both valleys and mountain tops to wander. Just in time it seems, she did a portrait of the re-elected B. Obama. Congratulations to you both !