#ValentinesDay in Munich

Berlin, Extrablatt

Your date of birth is NOT 14th February, Last Christmas still far away – but you’re still in the mood to get presis for a loved one? Why not whisk him/her away to lovely Munich?

News is that you now can book exquisite tours on that very day. Single or not - join us to find about Munichs most famous love affairs throughout the ages (Monaco Franze, Therese Giehse, Wladimir Iljitsch Lenin et al) PLUS the most romantic hide aways.

What to look forward to: glass of Champagne on Munichs famous island. Then find out everything about loyalty and eternal bliss & happiness!

Where When What?

14th February 2019 – 1600h

Meet at Museumsinsel/Deutsches Museum: #ValentinesDay in Munich. Tour starts in ANY weather for just 29,–€ SPECIAL rates apply for couples: two lovers travel on one ticket! Tour ends at meeting point